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Girl Meets Church - Discussions on Religion, Justice, Culture & Intersectionali-T

Episode Summary

Episode 1: This episode explores the intersection of religion and politics, the Christian responsibility to engage community and civic engagement and personal development to sustain long term social justice work. Tiffany Llewellyn, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is passionate about all things race, justice, mental health and culture. Although she considers herself a change agent and voice for the voiceless, her passion for social justice aims to restore voices to those who have been silenced. Phillip M. Malcolm has been a relentless advocate for truth and justice and is passionate about the intersection of politics and religion. In 2016, Phil coined the nickname, “The Bearded Host,” after hosting his first ever radio show called “The Real Phil Show.” He is a business owner, and also works for the Department of Justice providing compensation and resources for victims and families of those affected by 9/11 attacks.